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I received this email update from Voice of the Martyrs; if you would like to subscribe to the updates, follow this link:  Then click on “VOM’s weekly Email Updates” under “Why Should I Sign Up?”. 

“On April 6, Hindu extremists stopped a Gideon International New Testament distribution in Bhubaneswar in Orissa State. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, “New Testaments were being given to college students that were leaving the Examination Center at the Central School. These students had just completed their medical school entrance examinations. Realizing the New Testaments were being given openly to the students, local Hindus demanded the group stop the distribution.” VOM contacts added, “When the members of Gideons ignored these requests, more Hindus began to intervene. After distributing 390 New Testaments, the mob became irate and began to manhandle the Gideons, demanding they leave. They were forced to pack up the New Testaments and leave immediately. As they were packing up, the mob was able to take 10 New Testaments and set fire to them in the street. A few members of Gideons sustained minor injuries.” Please pray the students that have received the New Testaments would put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, pray for those injured in this attack and for God’s Word to go forth without disturbance in this area of India. Isaiah 54:14 “

Also, pray for the Hindus who stopped the distribution, that the Holy Spirit will lead them to see the truth of Jesus Christ. 


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