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I received the following four prayer requests in an email from International Christian Concern; to sign up for the email updates, monthly newsletter, or press releases, click here.
The Chinese government has long stated that it respects freedom of worship, while critics say in practice believers face arrest, fines, and sometimes detention. China has at least 40 million active Christians, with numbers divided between the state-sanctioned and the underground or “house” churches. One of these house churches, the Qiyu Blessings Church in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, is mounting a breakthrough challenge as a test case for the true extent of religious freedom that the government says its people enjoy. The Shuangliu County Bureau of Religious Affairs stopped the church from trying to hold services in a local hotel, confiscating bibles in the process, the group Human Rights in China reports. Wang Li, the church’s leader, now wants to take the Bureau to court hoping that “this will be a big event for the house churches, as it’s a way to encourage dialogue with the government and make the Bureau act within the law.” This appears to be the first time a house church has sought to press its rights in court and have the ban against house church declared illegal.
 Pray that the Chengdou court will hear the case, and the matter will open a dialogue that will result in freedom of worship for the house churches.
 Pray that the Chinese government, including local government authorities will abide with the court’s findings
 Pray for China’s believers to be secure, glad, and strong in their faith regardless of governmental stance.


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