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More from ICC:
Islamic extremists recently beat Mr. Ibrahim Yusuf (different name for security reasons), a Muslim Background Believer and Somali church leader in the capital of Addis Ababa.  Mr. Yusuf was on his way to secure documents that a martyred friend had left behind   containing information about the persecution of Somali churches. According to Yusuf, a Somali man entered the house where these documents had been safeguarded demanding to see them. Yusuf refused and later, when he left with the documents, he was accosted by five Muslim men who beat him mercilessly.. The men fled as police arrived. Yusuf is still recovering while two of the men have been apprehended. The documents are in safe hands.

Pray for Ibrahim’s full recovery of body and soul, that he will remain steadfast in the faith, and that he will have compassion on those who meant to harm him.
Pray that the truth held in these documents would be revealed and used to bring about greater tolerance and religious freedom in the Horn of Africa.
Pray for Somali converts overall who face persecution wherever they live, even as refugees in other countries like Ethiopia.





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