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Compass Direct News reports that apart from coordinated and intense international pressure, it is likely that the Iranian government will soon ratify a bill that will make “apostasy” for leaving Islam, a capital crime. On Sept. 9th the parliament approved the bill by a 196-7 vote calling for a mandatory death sentence for apostates. The world’s focus on Iran’s nuclear activities has provided cover for many deliberate human rights violations, even hiding this article in a 113-page penal code from some of the reformers in parliament. We have been urged to contact our representatives in our respective governments to protest, as some believe this bill is the act of a government desperately trying to hang on to power. The current regime is tightening control over its peoples lives as much as possible, which has been interpreted as the sign of a weakening regime.
Please contact your state representatives in Congress to request pressure be placed squarely upon the Iranian government to reject this bill.
Pray for the acquittal of two believers, Mahmoud Azad and Arash Basirat, who were charged with apostasy this summer and await a court date.
Pray that the Iranian Church would stand unconquerable in Him, revealing the vast difference between Jesus Christ and Allah.

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