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More than 2,000 Christians in Marxist leaning Eritrea are imprisoned for their faith.. About half the population is Sunni Muslim, and the balance is Christian with a small fraction of Buddhists and Bahai.   The government views leaders of large unregistered churches as threats and fear they will expose abuses and conditions in the prisons. As a result it is extremely difficult for relatives to visit those in prison, and inmates are not allowed to receive or send letters. One evangelist incarcerated since 2006 for his activities is receiving especially harsh treatment because of his ministry to inmates, according to Compass Direct News. Teame Weldegebriel is close to despair languishing at the Mai Sirwa Maximum Security prison. “It seems that hell has broken loose on me,” Weldegebriel told Compass sources. “Please tell the brethren to continue praying for me. I am not sure I will see them again.” Teame is considered dangerous due to his boldness in sharing Christ, leading to the conversion of many. His family is concerned for his health, and has not been allowed to visit him.
Pray for the Spirit’s sustenance of Teame, as many inmates are said to have insufficient food.
Pray that Eritrea would finally implement its 1997 constitution which provides for religious freedom.
Pray that the many reported converts to Christ in Eritrea would stand strong in the faith regardless of the difficulties being experienced. 

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  1. God has told me his will for Eritrea is to be a center of the Gospel for the glory of God throughout the Middle East, China, And Africa. It may not seem like it now, but God is going to completely remodel this country, just has he did with Saul.

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