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More from International Christian Concern:
According to The Observer not only are Christians homes being burned down in the state of Orissa, but Christians are now  being forced to convert to Hinduism or die. At least 59 people have died, nearly 50,000 are homeless and thousands of homes and churches have been burned to the ground within the last two months. One 32 old woman and mother said that neighbors told her “If you go on being a Christian, we will burn your house and your children in front of you, so make up your mind quickly.” Reluctantly she gave in. Totally broken she says “Inside I am still praying for Jesus to give me peace and to take me out of this situation.”   About half of the Christians of one village converted to Hinduism and the rest fled to the jungle to escape.
Pray for the Christian families to be rescued from this terrible situation and find peace in their hearts.
Pray that the homeless Christians living in the jungle will find shelter and food.
Pray against the powers of darkness over India, and for Jesus to make Himself known to the suffering church of India.

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