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I just received the following from International Christian Concern; to subscribe to these email updates, click here

Compass Direct News reports that violence against Christians continues to escalate in Mosul, Iraq. “Families are still fleeing as threats, bombings and deaths persist in Mosul” stated Father Warda. At least 1,700 families have recently fled Mosul leaving homes and businesses. An estimated 15 Christians have been killed in the past 2 ½ weeks, including a 15 year old boy and an aged man in a wheel chair. Many of the Christians fleeing Mosul must leave with only the clothing on their backs, and many are unable to afford to pay for food and shelter for their families.  Church leaders in Mosul recently asked  Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki to send the army to Mosul to assist the approximately 1000 extra policemen who were dispatched last week to provide security for the Christians in the city. 
Pray that the families who have left everything behind every to escape  persecution will find shelter, food, and security.
Pray for divine protection over the Christians who cannot flee and remain in Mosul. 
Pray that the Iraqi government will  provide security for the Christians and other minorities in Mosul and other areas of Iraq, and those responsible for these crimes will be brought to justice.

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