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The last of this week’s Prayer Points from ICC; click here to subscribe. 

In the past nine months six Christians have been martyred for their faith by the Islamic extremists in Somalia. The last victim was 22 year old Ahmadey Osman Nur . Nur was a Muslim who had converted to Christianity.  He was attending a Muslim wedding ceremony when a bodyguard shot and killed him. According to witnesses attending the wedding, Nur had requested the Shik who was performing the ceremony to summarize the wedding in the Somali language because the ceremony was performed in the Arabic language which many guests did not understand. The Shik became offended at this request and asked one of his bodyguards “to silence the apostate.” The Shik had recently been recruited into the Muslim militant group Al Shabab.

Pray for the friends and family of Mr. Nur to be comforted during this time of loss, and that they will forgive his killers.
Pray for divine protection over the tiny Christian minority in Somalia as they go through these difficult times.
Pray that the militant group Al Shabab will weaken and they will surrender to the Army of the Lord..

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