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I recently received this email update from Prisoner Alert.  Please pray for Shuang Shuying; you can also visit Prisoner Alert’s website to learn how to write her an encouraging letter. 

Authorities denied 79-year-old Shuang Shuying’s request to visit her deathly ill husband, 91-year-old Hua Zaichen. China Aid Association reports that officials said if her husband dies before she is released from prison, she will be allowed to see his body for 10 minutes and would have to be chained, handcuffed and shackled. We encourage you to continue praying and writing to Shuang Shuying. She has been strengthened by the prayers and help of believers like you. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting she be released. Send this e-mail to others who have a heart for persecuted believers and encourage them to write as well. Pray and write today!


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