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God’s Heart for the Nations by Jeff Lewis

This Bible study will change your entire perspective on God, the Bible, and the world.  In other words, it will pretty much change your life.  The back says this:

“God’s Heart for the Nations rips apart the old, traditional understandings of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. In eight lessons, author and global activist, Jeff Lewis, lays bare the heart and mind of God as he combines powerful Bible passages with challenging and provocative questions. Each lesson is followed by a time of meditation and focus on an unreached people group. If you really knew the heart and mind of God, would you dare to follow him?”

The outline of the Bible study is as follows:

Lesson 1: For the Glory of God

Lesson 2:  God’s Blessing and Purpose

Lesson 3:  God Impacts the Nations as He Blesses His People

Lesson 4:  The Psalms and Prophets Reveal God’s Heart the Nations

Lesson 5:  Savior of the World

Lesson 6:  His Call to the Nations

Lesson 7:  To the Ends of the Earth

Lesson 8:  Personal Application

This Bible study will challenge you as it makes you truly examine the reason behind God’s actions in the New and Old Testaments.  You may be surprised to find that you already know many of the Bible stories and verses; you may be even more surprised to find that this study has something different and unexpected to say about those stories and verses.  Before I did this Bible study, I didn’t even know the rest of Psalm 46:10; do you? 

The unreached people groups profiled in the Bible study are the Rajputs of India, Tibetan Buddhists, the Fulani of Africa (which are also profiled on our Unreached Peoples page), the Malay of Southeast Asia, the Sikhs of India, the Kazaks of China, and Yemeni Arabs.  To order this $8 Bible study, visit Caleb Project at, or, to view Caleb Projects’ other resources, visit


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