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Fox News has reported the murder of Gayle Williams, a Christian aid worker in Kabul, Afghanistan. Gayle Williams was a South African-British dual national and was  34 yrs old. She was worked with a Christian organization called SERVE – Serving Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprises, an organization specifically serving the disabled.  On Oct. 20th, as Gayle was walking to work, she was gunned down by  Taliban gunmen. A spokesman for the Taliban told the Associated Press ” This women came to Afghanistan to teach Christianity to the people of Afghanistan. Our leaders issued a decree to kill this woman. This morning our people killed her in Kabul.”
Pray for comfort for the family and friends of Gayle Williams, and that they will forgive her killers.
Pray for the salvation of the men who committed this horrible crime.
Pray that the Taliban will have the veil lifted from their eyes so they too can find salvation in the Lord.

Before al-Qaeda attacked the US in 2001 there were only 17 known evangelical Christians living in Afghanistan. Now there are over 10,000 believers!!  Muslims living in Afghanistan are more open to the gospel now than ever before! People are receiving Bibles and Christian books as soon as they are printed/bought into the country.

Source Asia Harvest: