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I recently received this email update from Prisoner Alert.  Please pray for Shuang Shuying; you can also visit Prisoner Alert’s website to learn how to write her an encouraging letter. 

Authorities denied 79-year-old Shuang Shuying’s request to visit her deathly ill husband, 91-year-old Hua Zaichen. China Aid Association reports that officials said if her husband dies before she is released from prison, she will be allowed to see his body for 10 minutes and would have to be chained, handcuffed and shackled. We encourage you to continue praying and writing to Shuang Shuying. She has been strengthened by the prayers and help of believers like you. Also, write to the Chinese government requesting she be released. Send this e-mail to others who have a heart for persecuted believers and encourage them to write as well. Pray and write today!

I received the following four prayer requests in an email from International Christian Concern; to sign up for the email updates, monthly newsletter, or press releases, click here.
The Chinese government has long stated that it respects freedom of worship, while critics say in practice believers face arrest, fines, and sometimes detention. China has at least 40 million active Christians, with numbers divided between the state-sanctioned and the underground or “house” churches. One of these house churches, the Qiyu Blessings Church in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, is mounting a breakthrough challenge as a test case for the true extent of religious freedom that the government says its people enjoy. The Shuangliu County Bureau of Religious Affairs stopped the church from trying to hold services in a local hotel, confiscating bibles in the process, the group Human Rights in China reports. Wang Li, the church’s leader, now wants to take the Bureau to court hoping that “this will be a big event for the house churches, as it’s a way to encourage dialogue with the government and make the Bureau act within the law.” This appears to be the first time a house church has sought to press its rights in court and have the ban against house church declared illegal.
 Pray that the Chengdou court will hear the case, and the matter will open a dialogue that will result in freedom of worship for the house churches.
 Pray that the Chinese government, including local government authorities will abide with the court’s findings
 Pray for China’s believers to be secure, glad, and strong in their faith regardless of governmental stance.

The following prayer request is from the Partners International prayer calendar; it can be viewed online or ordered through the mail by subscribing to Partners. 

New Initiative partner Tibetan Mission Church has a heart to reach out to the Tibetans living in northwest China.  Ask God to raise up more believers to take the Good News to these nomadic peoples. 

International Christian Concern releases a yearly report on the ten countries most guilty of persecuting Christians.  Please read it, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and pray for those persecuting them. 

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.” (Matt. 43-45, ESV)

Please pray for Alimujiang Yimiti, a Christian who has been imprisoned in China since January 2008.  We have posted a few stories about him already (China Persecutes Uyghur Christian, May 28; More Arrests in China, May 4; China: Unrest Raises Fears of Execution of Christian, April 14).  The accusations against him are “subversion of the national government and endangering national security”, for which he could be executed.  Please pray that justice will be done for him and other Christians imprisoned in China, that many would come to know and love Christ through the suffering of His people. and that God would change the government and people of China for His glory.  To learn more about Alimujiang Yimiti or to write him an encouraging letter, please visit Prisoner Alert

Source:  Prisoner Alert

The following are the rest of the email from International Christian Concern.  To sign up for their emails, click here

Prayer Point 3: CHINA

After hearing of the recent police attack in Sichuan against the Autumn Rain Church of Chengdu, China Aid Association (CAA) reports that on May 2, 2008 Beijing public security police also raided the Showang House Church to stop an “illegal gathering” and ordered the church to stop meeting. CAA also reported another incident on May 9, 2008 where police arrested Pastor Dong Yutao, and placed him in a criminal detention center for allegedly receiving “illegally printed Bibles and religious literature.” Pastor Dong is one of the leaders of the Beijing’s City Revival Church, one of the largest house churches in Beijing. The Showang House Church was raided by plain clothes detectives who suddenly broke into the meeting, and ordered members to leave the premises claiming that their activities were illegal. These recent raids are just few more examples of China’s ramped up crackdown against freedom of religious expression.

Pray for the continued boldness and perseverance of house church leaders as they suffer under China’s continued crackdown against the Gospel.

Pray that God will raise up an army of other Christian leaders to carry on the gospel torch as these other leaders are detained.

Pray that the Name of Jesus will be glorified during the upcoming Olympics regardless of the efforts of the Chinese government to suppress it.

Prayer Point 4: PAKISTAN

Dr. Robin Sardar, 55; a Christian and a medical doctor was charged with violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws in Hafizabad district on May 5, 2008. ICC has learned that Dr. Sardar was friends with a man named Muhammad Yousaf for years and they were often seen together in family gatherings and social events. However, apparently Yousaf became resentful and envious of his friend’s success and told police that Sardar had made derogatory comments against the Prophet Muhammad’s beard and the Holy Quran. The police registered a First Information Report against Dr. Sardar on May 5, 2008, and since then the religious extremists have organized daily demonstrations demanding that he be publicly hanged. Christians in the area and especially his family are living in constant fear because the Muslim clerics have been regularly calling on the people to kill him, and any relatives of Dr. Sardar. The National Commission for Justice and Peace, a human rights body of the Catholic Church has taken up Dr Sardar’s case, urging the authorities to withdraw the allegations and to provide protection to the religious minorities.

Pray for God’s providential protection for Dr. Sardar and for his family, as well as other Christians in Pakistan.

Pray that the Pakistan’s governmental officials will heed the call of the human rights group, and will withdraw the allegations and protect the religious minorities.

Pray against the spirit of darkness over Pakistan, and that the light of Jesus will shine.

I just received this email from Partners International:

As you have likely heard, China’s deadliest earthquake since 1976 claimed thousands of lives in western China earlier this week. The images of mothers and fathers mourning the loss of their only child are some I will never forget. No doubt, they have affected you in the same way. And, sadly, the death toll continues to climb.

The epicenter covers about ten counties of Sichuan Province and is a stronghold of Tibetan Buddhism. A large Buddhist monastery in this region has more than 50,000 monks and nuns.

Our ministry partners in China have already sprung into action. Our local ministry team drove as far as they could over the broken roads and mudslides to assess the situation. The leader is originally from this area. Our East Asia Area Director and Assistant Area Director are en route to the site and will visit different locations within the quake zone to assess how best to respond to the places in greatest need.

Our partner has set up a base camp in an area northeast of Chengdu that is especially hard hit. Our partners are mobilizing the believers in the area to help with relief efforts. Partners International has sent an initial disbursement of funds to help them purchase relief goods.

This has been a week of overwhelming suffering around the world, as this earthquake fell on the heels of the devastating cyclone in Myanmar. We ask for your help, as God leads, to provide care for those in desperate need.

To give a gift online, please visit our website, or by phone, please call (800) 966-5515.

Most of all, we ask for your prayers for God’s comfort and strength for earthquake survivors, and for safety and open doors for our partners to share God’s love and eternal life with many. We will keep you informed of the needs and our next steps as we hear from our partners in China.

Under His Wings,
Jon Lewis
President and CEO

Partners International
1117 E. Westview Court
Spokane, WA 99218 USA
(800) 966-5515

I just received this email from World Vision: 

By now, you’ve likely heard that a powerful 7.9 magnitude quake struck China two days ago, killing more than 12,000 and injuring tens of thousands.  Tens of thousands more are reported missing. 

We want to update you on the status of World Vision sponsorship projects in China.  Our nearest project is located more than 120 miles away from the area where the earthquake occurred and as of our last report, all sponsored children are safe.  However, World Vision staff members are on the ground in the affected area and are providing immediate aid to 10,000 survivors in the wake of the recent disaster. 

“People are going to need immediate supplies, such as temporary shelters, blankets, medicines, clothing, food and water,” said Victor Kan, World Vision’s emergency response director for China. 

A gift today will help us to respond quickly and effectively to provide Family Survival Kits, containing things like: 

  • Emergency food
  • Clean water
  • Blankets and temporary shelter
  • Cooksets


As World Vision teams respond to this latest disaster among so many others currently confronting the world, I ask you, our faithful sponspors, to join us in prayer.  Please pray for children and families in China who have been affected by this deadly earthquake, and pray that aid agencies like World Vision would quickly acquire the resources they need to come to the assistance of those who have been left devastated by this disaster. 

May God bless you,

Rich Stearns

President, World Vision U.S.

Please pray for the victims of the earthquake that hit Sichuan province in China on Monday.  The BBC reports that nearly 15,000 people have been killed and approximately 25,000 are still waiting to be rescued from the debris of collapsed buildings.  The government has responded quickly, with Premier Wen Jiabao overseeing the relief efforts. 

Please remember to pray for Li Mei, Li Ying, Alimjan Yimit, Wusiman Yiming, and all others imprisoned and suffering for Christ in China.  Also pray that God will use this tragedy to draw the people of China to Christ, and that many would take comfort in Him. 

For more information about the earthquake, visit the following links:  

Source:  BBC    

Sichuan Province  

A spate of recent arrests in Xinjiang suggests that China will not easily be cowed by international pressure to clean up its religious rights record before the Olympics.As the world trains its sights on Beijing, one Xinjiang Christian is facing the prospect of being executed – and many others are being thrown into jail.The case of Alimjan Yimit, a house church leader and ethnic minority Uyghur, is arousing particular concern. Alimjan, a young professional and father-of-two, has been accused of ‘illegal religious activities’, ‘subversion’ and ‘endangering national security’, a crime which can carry the death penalty. It’s believed that Alimjan has been targeted because of his faith. A verdict on his case is expected imminently, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.Concern is also growing for another Uyghur Christian, Wusiman Yiming, who is serving two years’ ‘re-education through labour’ after being convicted last September of ‘divulging state secrets’. The outcome of his appeal, scheduled for mid-April, has not yet been made public but Wusiman is known to be suffering from malnutrition and a serious hand injury.And in Kashi city, officials rounded up 46 Christians at a Bible study in a private home on April 13. Most of the group were freed the next day: two were detained for a fortnight.

Pray:  Ask God to build the faith of Uyghur Christians in Xinjiang. And thank Him that the Uyghur church is reported to be growing. Pray particularly for the release of Alimjan Yimit and Wusiman Yiming

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