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Please pray for Pastor KhamLa Namheng, who, along with seven other pastors, was arrested in March 2008.  The group was entering Thailand from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and was followed by Laos police; they were carrying two Bibles when they were searched.  Please pray for Pastor Namheng, Kham Chan Konekham, Siphone Namheng, Khamnath Namheng, Serth Naphok, Khou Phouphone, Thong Soun Namtam, and Houng Mokbooc, for their families, and for the police that arrested them; pray that God will glorify Himself in the suffering of these men, and that more people would come to know Him through Christ.  To learn more, or to write an encouraging letter to Pastor Namheng, visit Prisoner Alert’s website


International Christian Concern releases a yearly report on the ten countries most guilty of persecuting Christians.  Please read it, pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and pray for those persecuting them. 

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.” (Matt. 43-45, ESV)

Please pray for Alimujiang Yimiti, a Christian who has been imprisoned in China since January 2008.  We have posted a few stories about him already (China Persecutes Uyghur Christian, May 28; More Arrests in China, May 4; China: Unrest Raises Fears of Execution of Christian, April 14).  The accusations against him are “subversion of the national government and endangering national security”, for which he could be executed.  Please pray that justice will be done for him and other Christians imprisoned in China, that many would come to know and love Christ through the suffering of His people. and that God would change the government and people of China for His glory.  To learn more about Alimujiang Yimiti or to write him an encouraging letter, please visit Prisoner Alert

Source:  Prisoner Alert

Click here to read the full story of a Christian man from Tiaret who was detained by police, fined nearly $500, and given a suspended prison sentence of one year for carrying a Bible and other Christian books. 

Please pray that God would comfort and strengthen this man and other Christians in Algeria, and that God would turn the hearts of all people in Algeria to Christ for His glory. 

Evangelist Ambaye was arrested for sharing his faith, and has been imprisoned in Eritrea since May 2005.  Please pray that God would comfort and strengthen him while in prison, that He would continue giving him opportunities to tell guards and other prisoners about Christ, and that all people in Eritrea would come to know and glorify Him. 

To learn more about Ambaye, visit Prisoner Alert at  You can write a letter to Ambaye by following that link or you can see ‘Writing to Prisoners’ in the Blogroll at the bottom of this blog. 

A spate of recent arrests in Xinjiang suggests that China will not easily be cowed by international pressure to clean up its religious rights record before the Olympics.As the world trains its sights on Beijing, one Xinjiang Christian is facing the prospect of being executed – and many others are being thrown into jail.The case of Alimjan Yimit, a house church leader and ethnic minority Uyghur, is arousing particular concern. Alimjan, a young professional and father-of-two, has been accused of ‘illegal religious activities’, ‘subversion’ and ‘endangering national security’, a crime which can carry the death penalty. It’s believed that Alimjan has been targeted because of his faith. A verdict on his case is expected imminently, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.Concern is also growing for another Uyghur Christian, Wusiman Yiming, who is serving two years’ ‘re-education through labour’ after being convicted last September of ‘divulging state secrets’. The outcome of his appeal, scheduled for mid-April, has not yet been made public but Wusiman is known to be suffering from malnutrition and a serious hand injury.And in Kashi city, officials rounded up 46 Christians at a Bible study in a private home on April 13. Most of the group were freed the next day: two were detained for a fortnight.

Pray:  Ask God to build the faith of Uyghur Christians in Xinjiang. And thank Him that the Uyghur church is reported to be growing. Pray particularly for the release of Alimjan Yimit and Wusiman Yiming

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Chinese authorities now accuse a Beijing businessman of being a “dangerous religious element” – which a long-time friend dismissed as contrary to Christian bookstore owner Shi Weihan’s gentle, patriotic nature. Authorities have been slow to reveal charges against Shi, who after his original arrest for “illegal business practices” on November 28, 2007 was released on January 4 due to “insufficient evidence.” He was re-arrested on March 19, according to his wife Zhang Jing, for printing Bibles and Christian literature.Until last week he had been denied a visit by his attorney. Following that visit, China Aid Association reported on April 28 that authorities were holding Shi at the Beijing Municipal Detention Center as a “dangerous religious element.” “During the meeting with his attorney, Shi’s talk was interrupted by the guards on several occasions and he received a warning,” according to a statement by CAA. Interrogation of Shi, the lawyer told CAA, has centered on his relationship with foreigners, especially those from the United States.Long-time friend Ray Sharpe said that Shi’s many foreign relationships as a travel agent may have raised undue suspicions by Chinese authorities.“They may have suspicions about his patriotism since he has so many foreign friends,” Sharpe said in a statement to supporters. “If so, they would again be wrong. I know him to be a successful travel agent because he works so hard to help all of his clients fall in love with his beloved homeland. He longs for foreigners to understand China’s culture, her history, her many proud accomplishments.”The Beijing Public Security Bureau may have mistaken him as a “dangerous religious element” who might embarrass the government during the Olympic Games beginning in August, Sharpe said.“I know him to be a man that has been promoting the Olympics as a time when many tourists from around the globe would be able to see China, whom he loves so dearly, at her best,” Sharpe said. “He dislikes foreigners who are critical of China, often stating that they do so out of ignorance of the tremendous strides that have already been made.”In his statement, Sharpe also dismissed the possible perception that Shi opposes Chinese government policy.“I know him as someone who dislikes Christians that use their faith as an excuse to oppose the government,” he said. “I know him as someone who often counsels other Christians that we ought to be the best of citizens in whatever country we live. I know him as someone who teaches others to love their country, pray for their government and obey the public officials as though they were placed over us by God.”Shi’s wife has said she has been prohibited from bringing the 37-year-old father of two any food or change of clothing since his re-arrest.Operating a bookstore located near the Olympic Village, Shi had never had any problems with authorities before his arrest last November, according to Sharpe.“The PSB may have misunderstood how even casual friends from the West will be moved to action when an acquaintance seems to be suffering an injustice,” he said. “They may be wondering who could have orchestrated a world-wide effort to plead his cause. In China, not many casual acquaintances, let alone outright strangers, will get involved in a matter that concerns someone with whom they have no close relationship.”

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Li Ying has been in prison since April 2001 because she was involved in publishing an underground church magazine.  Because she is not allowed to have a Bible in prison, pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort her and remind her of God’s Word.  Also, pray that she will be released and that the Chinese government will deal justly with her case; pray for her family, also, because her mother has not been allowed to visit her since September 2005.  For more information about Li Ying, follow this link

Source: Prisoner Alert

Abraham Bentar, an Indonesian Christian imprisoned for blasphemy against Muhammad, was released on April 27, after serving more than two years.  For more details, visit Voice of the Martyrs  Thank you for praying for him.  I’m also posting a link to a video from Godtube of Abraham when he was in prison; he has some very wise words for Christians in open nations.   Abraham Bentar in prison

This video is really powerful. It gives scriptures on why we should pray for the persecuted church.  The cause dictates life for individuals featured in the video.