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Voice of the Martyrs has a program that sends Action Packs to persecuted Christians (currently, they’re sending them to Pakistan and Sudan).  If you have ever filled a shoebox at Christmas for needy children, then you already have the basic idea for an Action Pack.  When you send away to VOM, you’ll receive a special vacuum bag and a list of things to fill it with, like soap, blankets, colored pencils, sandals, etc.  Then, after you’ve filled the bag, send it back to VOM with $7 for shipping.  To order an Action Pack, you can call (800) 747-0085, write to The Voice of the Martyrs, P.O. Box 443, Bartlesville, OK 74005, or follow this link


I think the first and best way to get involved in helping the persecuted church for God’s glory is to start praying for them; use the information on this blog, other sites about the persecuted church, or world news sources, and begin praying for the needs you learn about, even if they’re not about suffering Christians–knowing what’s happening in the world can help you see the big picture, how the world is in such need of Christ. 

Next I would recommend sharing the information you learn with other Christians, especially if they respond with, “The persecuted church–what’s that?”.  I had no idea what life was like for most Christians outside the US until very recently, and I’m grateful for the professors who informed me. 

Starting a prayer group in your congregation is also a great idea; Paul encourages the Philippians in this way: “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others” (2:4, ESV).  A great way to start ‘looking to the interests’ of our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ is to pray earnestly for them with those in our local congregations. 

There are many more ways to help the persecuted church; for more ideas, including how to sponsor a child, or send food, Bibles, and more, visit the following links:


I just received information from Voice of the Martyrs about participating in a program called Bibles Unbound.  The program anonymously sends New Testaments in the local language into restricted nations to addresses provided by VOM contacts in those nations.  Upon joining this program, you’ll provide your credit card information (you can also do this over the phone) and sign up for how many Bibles you want to order.  The cost per Bible is $6.  Once you order your Bibles, they will be sent to your home and you get to package and address them; if you don’t want to receive the Bibles at home to avoid extra postage and time, you can sign up for that option on the website.  To read the Frequently Asked Questions section visit .  To join, visit


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